Located in Everett, Washington


For more information contact us at information@fallspreschool.org (preferred) or 

(425) 347-2285

Our volunteer Registrar will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Our basic philosophy is one of acceptance, guidance, understanding and the spirit that we are all learning together. We have a fundamental belief in treating all participants, child and adult alike with respect.

Our classroom is a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for the participants.

During the preschool years, we acknowledge that children are just beginning to learn socially acceptable ways of behaving in a larger group. The classroom is a place for children to have ongoing opportunities to practice social interactions, experience the trial and error of decision making, exercise problem solving skills, build self-confidence and share in the responsibility of caring for their preschool.

Together we help children develop the skills that are necessary for a successful elementary school experience and to become life-long learners.


Siblings: An additional benefit of F.A.L.L.S is that the school allows for you to bring your student’s sibling on your workday.  The sibling may play in the supervised Sibling Room, or the parent may wear an infant.